Madison City Youth Orchestra

Making Music, Friends, and Memories

Audition Requirements

Auditions for the Madison City Youth Orchestra are offered the first four weeks of each orchestra season and are located at Haven Baptist Church, 1840 Slaughter Road, in Madison. To schedule an audition, please contact Renee Collins at [email protected] or (256) 653-8901.

There are four levels of orchestra:  Novice, Prelude, Beginning, and Intermediate. Age, grade-level, school attended, participation in private lessons (or not), and chair placement in other organizations have no bearing on the Madison City Youth Orchestra audition or level placement. Sight-reading is weighed heavily, and counts as half of your final score.  

Audition requirements for each level are as follows (Starting Fall 2019):

Brand new beginners or not yet through the first half of book one; Ages 6 and up; No experience needed; No audition required

Prelude--Must have completed the Novice level of orchestra and/or have 6 months or more of playing experience and/or be halfway through (any) method book level one; must prepare any piece and sight-read a grade .5 piece of the conductor's choice

Beginning—Must be in or through (any) method book level 2 and/or have 2 years or more playing experience;  must prepare any piece and sight-read a grade 1-2 piece of the conductor's choice

Intermediate Orchestra—Must be in or through (any) method book level 3 and/or have 3 years or more playing experience; must know 3rd position and vibrato (strings);  must prepare any piece and sight-read a grade 2-3 piece of the conductor's choice

Interns--Students in the Intermediate level of orchestra who would like to serve as interns should contact us to schedule an interview. They are responsible for attending at least 3 rehearsals per month and must participate in whatever level orchestra they are assisting, as well as the Intermediate level of orchestra.  They encourage, lead by example, teach, copy music, stuff folders, and assist in conducting.